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Petrostates in Peril

With lower breakeven prices and innovative new techniques, shale firms are better prepared to weather a price war than OPEC might hope. The cartel’s long-term outlook isn’t bright.

The Turkish Elections

As the Turkish elections approach, polls show that a weak economy means troubling news for Turkish President’s aspirations.

Endgame in Syria?

The leader of al Qaeda’s Syrian branch, perhaps believing the end of the war is in sight, is trying to “win the peace,” offering reassurances to the West in a recent interview.

FIFA Fiefdoms

Putin is not happy about the high-profile arrests of FIFA officials, which may put Russia’s right to host the 2018 World Cup at risk.

Hybrid Warfare

Reuters journalists observed a huge amount of Russian weapons and troops without insignia massing on the Ukrainian border, three times more than there were before the last big flareup in March.

Power Problems
The Armenian Genocide and Its Deniers
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100 Years
The 100th year anniversary of one of the great crimes of the 20th century provides a moment to reflect.
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High Stakes on the High Seas
High Stakes on the High Seas
High Stakes on the High Seas
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