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Walter Russell Mead & Staff

The number of Americans who say they don’t believe in God has been slowly-but-steadily increasing since the turn of the century.

Atomic Promise

There’s a plan—pushed by clueless greens—to shut down California’s last nuclear plant. At least there’s one environmentalist that knows that’s a mistake.

The Democratization of Burma

With all eyes focused on the Rohingya, we haven’t heard much about how the actual transition from military leadership to democratic governance is going in Burma.

Reefer Madness

Moderate marijuana guru Mark Kleiman has harsh words for California’s new pot-legalization initiative.

Pacific Problems

The Japanese payment of $9.75 million wasn’t enough to convince many Koreans that Tokyo felt real remorse.


The Clinton campaign’s new student loan proposal would give relief to people who need it least.


A group of 107 Nobel laureates just called out Greenpeace for its Luddite and borderline barbaric opposition to a lifesaving GMO.

It's the ethnicity stupid...
Brexit and Beyond
red dawn flickers

Enthusiasm for state-level tax cuts is on the wane as legislators look at the fiascos in Kansas and Louisiana.

Wasted Effort

China has twice as much wind energy capacity as the U.S., but still produces less actual wind power.

Europe Needs More Transparency
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Combating Corruption
Combating illicit financial flows and rooting out corruption are matters of national security.
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Religion & Other Curiosities
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